performances "Made in Russia" - Ежи и Петруччо performances "Made in Russia"

Ежи и Петруччо — performances "Made in Russia"

performances "Made in Russia"
Germany: Theatre Festival Impulse
02.12.2009 Koln
03.12.2009 Dusseldorf
05.12.2009 Bochum


London: Chelsea Theatre / Sacred - a Season of New Theatre
October 24th, 2009

Lubljana: Shoking Gala Show Festival / www.maska.si
October 26th, 2009

Moscow: Dance Agency TsEKh Moscow / www.tsekh.com
October 17th – 18th, 2009

Brussels: Kaaitheater / Spoken world/
October 3rd - 4th, 2009

Berlin: Sophiensaele Berlin / Festival russischer
Avantgardekunst / www.sophiensaele.com
June 25th – 26th, 2009
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